The freedom to choose both when and where your diagnostic and surgical procedures are to take place, is one of the Cornerstones of our Success.

What we do

For the solicitor

Once an entitlement to claim has been established, lawyers/solicitors will first request copies of the patient’s medical records and send them to a medical expert. The expert will carry out a full medical examination and put their findings in a detailed report. Should any treatment be required, the expert will recommend this in their report.

The medical report will be sent to back to the lawyer/solicitor for a review who will then give instructions for treatment to begin.

Trinity Diagnostics are uniquely placed to arrange this treatment because of our nationwide network of facilities. Our unique buying power means that we can offer incredibly low rates for procedures, making us the UK's No. 1 choice for referral arrangements.

For the insurance company

We strive to be the preferred choice for arranging the diagnosis and treatment of patients, through of our extensive network of clinical providers and unique buying power. We offer the benefit of a fully integrated service offering unparalleled competitive rates. In addition, our Case Management System TCM, allows all relevant parties to access and update vital patient information on-line, 24 hours a day.

Using TCM; our state of the art referral management system, we offer you the ability to log in, and submit your referrals in real time, alongside tracking existing referrals, and obtaining / monitoring quotations.

TCM allows us to monitor all of your referrals, and provide you with up to date alerts and notifications regarding your referrals.

TCM allows us to offer the patient a selection of convenient venues in which they are able to attend for their appointment.

Following the patient's appointment, we will submit the results to the relevant parties, and also, if requested provide a copy through the TCM referral system