The freedom to choose both when and where your diagnostic and surgical procedures are to take place, is one of the Cornerstones of our Success.

About Us

We are a Diagnostic Imaging and Surgical Services Provider, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire providing services nationwide.

We currently provide a number of Insurance Companies, Solicitors and Rehabilitation Companies with Diagnostic Services such as MRI scans, CT Scans and X-Rays, Physical Treatment such as physiotherapy, Psychological Treatment such as CBT, Consultations, Surgery, Pain Management, Injections, Nerve Conduction Studies etc. We arrange the appointments as per recommendations in medico-legal reports at a location and time convenient to the patient, confirm the time and date to the instructing party and arrange for the results to be sent to the destination instructed.

Affordable & Accessible

Our aim is to provide a Premier Service within the medical market. A cost effective service offering preferential terms when compared with those of conventional contracts.

We are able to provide clients access to the highest levels of clinical expertise and professionalism. Throughout our network of over 960 locations in the United Kingdom we can arrange appointments on a local basis; accommodating a patient’s requirement at a convenient location near to their place of residence or work at a time and date to suit them.

Trinity Diagnostics maintain a high standard of quality control which is closely monitored by our case managers. Our goal is to deliver a high standard of service to our clients which, is in turn extended to patients through sympathetic consideration and support. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to our company.

We are uniquely placed to arrange your treatment due to our nationwide network of facilities. Our network includes "OPEN Scanners" for patients who might suffer from claustrophobia. Our unique buying power means that we can offer incredibly low rates for procedures at a location convenient to the patient. We have secured competitive rates from an extensive network of clinical providers and along with our efficient service and bespoke Case Management System, we feel we can be of benefit to you and your team.