The freedom to choose both when and where your diagnostic and surgical procedures are to take place, is one of the Cornerstones of our Success.

How we help the patient

Once the lawyer or solicitor has received an acknowledgement of liability from the insurance company, they will instruct the appropriate agencies to arrange treatment.

Trinity Diagnostics is the preferred choice of many agencies in the UK, to arrange the vital scans, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures needed to determine the nature and extent of injury. Our extensive network of over 400 private, NHS, independent specialist fixed and mobile locations in over 50 cities across the UK, means that the patient can select both the time and the place best suited to them. The insurance companies also benefit from our service because they know that the unique buying power of TRINITY DIAGNOSTICS means that they enjoy the benefit of a fully integrated service offering unparalleled competitive rates.

We are uniquely placed to arrange your treatment due to our nationwide network of facilities. Our network includes "OPEN Scanners" for patients who might suffer from claustrophobia.

Patients who have an injury or a medical condition, but do not have medical insurance, can still take advantage of our comprehensive diagnostic and surgical networks on a 'self-pay' basis and still enjoy the same level of service and competitive rates.

One of the cornerstones of our continued success is our ability to integrate the specific medical and personal needs of the patient into the referral programme. The swift and accurate exchange of patient details with the relevant parties is vital and to this end we commissioned the development and installation of a unique web programme TCM which allows these parties to simultaneously access and update this vital patient information on-line, 24 hours a day.

For the patient

Whatever the nature and extent of your medical condition, your life is often put 'on hold'. Physically, your job, your plans, your future, all have to take a 'back seat' until diagnosis and treatment can begin. Emotionally, this also introduces a huge amount of stress into your life. It's a lot to cope with and even with the support of friends and family, it can make you feel very isolated.

Trinity Diagnostics understand this and we are here to help get you 'back on your feet' as soon as possible. Our vast network of Diagnostic and Surgical locations means that we can arrange your procedure with minimal delay and because you’re never far from a location, we can arrange things around you.

If you need more information about making a claim or the referral process, please call our information line or leave a message and we will call you back.